The CGLib library build 22 implements an Object Oriented graphics architecture that can be used to advantage when developing interactive graphics applications. Click here to get CGLIB build 22.

Read these instructions to know how to set up VisualStudio 2005 to create an application using CGLib.

If you are using Visual Studio 2005 Express you need the following libraries and include files to have OpenGL support since this support is not included in the Express version of Visual Studio.

C# version

There is a C# version that you can get here.


You can also develop your project under Linux using Eclipse. For that, follow these instructions and get the tar.gz package from here.


A CGLib tutorial is available that takes you step by step through the development of a simple graphical application.
You can download either the tutorial text version or the slides (Power Point) version (or both!).
This tutorial shows how to develop a simple graphical application in 11 steps.

You can also download the tutorial source code to help you through the tutorial.

Also available is a zipped file with the tutorial's 11 steps executables.

DO NOT use the tutorial in the development of any graphical application because the tutorial and its steps should be used to learn how to use GCLib.